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Culture Of Malta

The temple complex of Mnajdra (4th mi-3200 BC) The earliest inhabitants of the Maltese Islands are believed to have been Sicani from nearby Sicily who arrived on the island sometime before 5000 BC. They grew cereals and raised domestic livestock and, in keeping with many other ancient Mediterranean cultures, formed a fertility cult represented in Malta by statuettes of unusually large proportion Read More...

Shirt Designers Guild

Prince or proper; a gentleman as defined by principles. So we take a look at finely crafted shirts with perfectly formed collars that will hold your tie in position all the days long, befitting a gentleman. And a closer look at ways of decorating your shirt, plus a few facts and figures from the archives. An engineered collar the fit is conveyed through structural integrity. Now consider thi Read More...

Eating Healthy On The Road; Possible or Not?

As health and fitness minded individuals we know the importance of the food we put into our bodies every day. Food provides the energy we need to perform and recover from our workouts, and how we eat can make our break our efforts in the gym. In fact, many experts believe (and I agree based on personal experience) that the way you eat will determine 80% of the results you obtain from your workou Read More...

Many Pacquiao: an ideal congressman

Boxing is a sport, a liberating creative activity that calls for body, mind, and spirit coordination. It is a sport wherein the highest level of intelligence, namely, analytical and critical thinking evolves. The players are watchful, alert to outsmart, surprise, and subdue the unprepared opponent. My former student from Estancia, Iloilo, MR. ADRIANO GOLINGAN JR., an enterprising businessman now Read More...

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